Damage Restoration

T&T Tri City Remodeling & Additions will take care of your damage restoration needs whether your home has been stricken with lightning, hail, flooding, wind, fire, smoke or any other damage. We are known for quality workmanship, expert installation, and guaranteed customer satisfaction. We provide restoration services in Abingdon, Bristol, Marion, Kingsport, and the Tri Cities areas. Call now at 276-591-4180 to get a quote.

If you need water damage restoration or another type of restoration for your home, look no further than T&T Tri City Remodeling & Additions for all insurance company estimates and repairs. We are a full-service company that will assess the damage restoration needs, handle all insurance company issues, make all needed repairs, and restore your home to its normal state. Some of the common services we offer:

  • Storm damage restoration. Needed when lightning strikes, basement flooding occurs, or hail and wind blows off siding.
  • Water damage restoration. Needed as a result of defective kitchen plumbing or basement sump pumps, as well as burst water heaters and pipes.
  • Fire restoration. Due to kitchen fires or space heaters tipping over in other rooms of the home, as well as faulty wiring and lightning strikes.
  • Hail damage repair. Due to large hail damaging roofs, gutters, siding, windows, vents, decks, fencing, etc

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