Home Improvement

  • Let’s face it! The exterior appearance of your home is a reflection of you and your good tastes.T&T Tri City Remodeling & Additions has been helping homeowners improve their homes with home improvements. We specialize in home improvements more than two decades that make your home look the best possible. Our philosophy centers on an honest and ethical business approach. We offer our home improvement services in Abingdon, Bristol, Marion, and Kingsport  Tri Cities areas. Contact T&T Tri City Remodeling & Additions at 276-591-4180 to get a quote for your next home improvement or restoration project today.

Home Improvements Completed With Care

  • T&T Tri City Remodeling & Additions can accomplish any home improvement—from replacing your siding, roofing, windows, gutters, doors, and repainting the interior and exterior of your home. We don’t just fix a problem; but we handle every job with careful attention, and we do it right! When our work is complete, we will leave your property as clean as it was when we arrived. Here are some of our specialty services for maintaining the façade of your home: 


 METAL Roofing   

 T&T Tri City Remodeling & Additions offers a full range of roofing services. Besides new metal roof installations, we also do dry rot repairs and many other home improvements. We even perform hail and storm damage restoration repairs. We are licensed and insured. This means our customers are protected from damage or injury liability. Also, we will handle the insurance claims and work with your adjuster and insurance company for your home improvement.     

  Siding Installation  

Quality siding is a durable substance that can reduce or eliminate the need for painting and maintenance. Plus, it can help protect your home from the weather, making it more energy-efficient. T&T Tri City Remodeling & Additions will install siding or repair existing siding to make your home look beautiful again. We offer fiber cement, wood, vinyl and cedar, stone, and stucco siding. We can help you decide which siding option is best for your home improvement needs or do research to find the best match for existing siding.     

Window Replacement      

T&T Tri City Remodeling & Additions can install all quality, energy-efficient window brands. Whether replacing all your existing, defective windows or you would like new windows in your kitchen or need your windows repaired, we can meet all your window replacement and window repair needs. We are proud to be a trusted installer of many respectable brands including wood, composite, or vinyl windows.     

​ Door Installation     

Just like a cherry on the whipped cream of a dessert, the front door completes the overall appearance of your home, and a quality sunroom or patio door can enhance the beauty in the back of your home. Whether you need this home improvement because wood has rotted in the frame or you just want a new look for your home exterior, T&T Tri City Remodeling & Additions can install a door for you. We can help you find the door that is right for the character your home.  Aside from front doors, we also install French doors, contemporary sliding glass doors, and storm doors.     


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